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Frequently Asked Questions

1)When is property assessed?
All properties are assessed on July 1st.

2)How are the taxes determined?
Market Value X 60% (.60) = Assessed Value
Assessed Value X Levy Rate = Taxes

3)What are the different tax classes?
Class 02 - Owner occupied property including mobile homes.
Class 03 - Everything that is not class 02, outside a municipality.
Class 04 - Everything that is not class 02, within a municipality.

4) How/where do I pay my taxes?
The Ohio County Sheriff's Tax Office is responsible for the collection of taxes. Tax bills are mailed annually in July. The Tax Office maintains a website with online tax inquiry at http://taxinquiry.softwaresystems.com/ohio.

5) What is Homestead exemption?
Homestead exemption is the exemption of $20,000 from the assessed value of the homestead property. Anyone who is 65 years of age or older or who is certified as being totally and permanently disabled should receive this exemption. Persons applying for the homestead exemption must make application for the exemption, between July 1 and December 1, in the Office of the Assessor. If you are 64 years of age or older on or before the July 1st assessment date, you should apply for the homestead exemption in order for you to receive the exemption on the next years taxes

6) How are vehicles valued?
The WV Tax Department is required to value vehicles by using a nationally recognized organization which establishes values of used vehicles.

The State Tax Department has contracted with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and uses the "loan" value which is the lowest value to assess your vehicle. NADA produces a data file for the WV tax department which matches all vehicle values with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The Ohio County Assessor's Office enters the VIN in the State computer system for each vehicle. The computer reads the VIN and then assigns the "loan" value to that specific vehicle. Since WV taxes 60% of the market value, the loan value is then multiplied by 60% (.60).

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